About Us

Our Goal

To non-invasively repair the brains of people in the chronic stages of brain injury and to improve their everyday lives.

Need For The Centre

We and others have discovered that in the chronic stages of brain injury, many patients show signs of accelerated brain aging, with cognitive and mood declines. 

Moreover, in the chronic stages of injury, the majority of patients are not receiving treatment. When they are receiving care, it is often supportive care rather efforts to restore functioning. 

How We Can Achieve Our Goal

We have identified modifiable ("post-injury") targets implicated in accelerated aging, such as elevated anxiety and insufficient cognitive stimulation.

We try to enhance neuroplasticity and growth of the brain, while alleviating clinical symptoms. Our therapies tackle modifiable targets of accelerated aging and at the same time address symptoms of mood and cognitive dysfunction.

We massively scale up therapy delivery, while keeping costs low. This is achieved through the latest tele-health and pervasive computing technologies, reaching patients regardless of geographic location, mobility restrictions, or economic restrictions of patients.

We deliver this clinical care through participation in research. This enables patients to receive the latest interventions and us to refine our intervention protocols. To build future clinician-scientists in this area, we integrate service delivery with clinical training of students and fellows.

We are always creating new partnerships within our province, elsewhere in Canada, and around the world in order to help us to distribute our novel dual-purpose approach to research and clinical care around the globe. 

Current Markers of Success

  • MRI indicators of brain growth
  • Patient and family reports of improved quality of life
  • Increased scores on mood and cognition measures
  • Increased numbers of patients back to work/school
  • Reduced healthcare costs